Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule

Scalp treatment ampoule with independently developed USF 71™, Ectoin, and SCALPFREE-05™ Complex that promotes a healthy scalp environment and provides a comfortable feeling.

Key Ingredients

  • USF71™ - The multi-peptide complex helps problems and promote a healthy scalp environment

  • Ectoin - Provides hydration on scalp and hair

  • SCALFREE-05™ - Nourishes scalp and hair



    Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule

    Solution for scalp concerns such as Dry scalp, Loss of hair and Dead skin cells.

    • MAIN INGREDIENTS : USF 71™, Ectoin, SCALFREE-05™
    • FUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS : Salicylic Acid, Dexpanthenol, L-Menthol