MINT™ PDO Hands-on Training

 Level Course Name Semi-Private
Including VAT
Including VAT
Level 1
Entry to PDO Threads
Midface Lift with MINT™ Petit &
Full Range of MINT™ Mono
£960 £1,920
Level 2
Build on Knowledge & Skill from Level 1
Forehead & Brow + Lateral Brow + Jawline Lift
Introduce MINT™ Fine and MINT™ Fix-Mini
Incorporate MINT™ Mono’s Into All Procedures
£1,200 £2,400
Level 3
Build on Knowledge & Skill from Level 1 and 2
Introduce MINT™ Fix, MINT™ Up and MINT™ Tip
£1,200 £2,400
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
with MINT™ Up and MINT™ Tip
£1,200 £2,400
Neck Lift with MINT™ Easy £1,440 £2,880
Mentoring Full Range of MINT™ Products & Areas N/A £6,000

Following trainings are available in the UK & Europe. We deliver the newest & trendiest treatment protocols, and give you a full-on experience. Preparation, techniques, and dealing complications will be dealt with during the session.

What is hands-on training?

Our Hands-on training sessions are led by MINT™ instructors who will guide you throughout your training. There are many things you can learn from the training - all sessions will include an informative lecture, live demonstration, hands-on instruction and many more!

Training with MINT™ is perfect if you are a provider looking to:

  • Offer a minimally invasive treatment that offers instant results
  • Learn how to utilize vectors to address areas using PDO threads
  • Get hands-on experience with instructor oversight
  • Address possible complications and side effects

What can you expect at a hands-on training?

  • Lecture and hands-on demonstration from our MINT™ expert
  • Hands-on experience with MINT™ PDO on your very own model with guidance
  • Observe other trainees as they perform their hands-on session
  • Direct customer service from our onsite sales reps who can help you with all inquiries
  • Certificate of Completion for attending the hands-on course