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SCALFREE™ Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule

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Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule 15ml x 2ea

Scalp treatment ampoule with independently developed USF 71™, Ectoin, and SCALPFREE-05™ Complex that promotes a healthy scalp environment and provides a comfortable feeling.

Key Benefits

  • Scalp Strengthening
    USF71™, containing 71 kinds of multi-growth factors, helps to improve fundamental scalp problems
  • Scalp Hydration
    Ectoin, a stress-protective molecule that survives in extreme dryness, helps to improve scalp hydration by forming a strong moisturising layer
  • Scalp Nutrition
    Optimised SCALFREE-05™ promotes healthy scalp and hair conditions by enhancing scalp elasticity and providing antioxidant effects through enriched nutrients

Key Ingredients

  • USF 71™
  • Ectoin
  • SCALPFREE-05™ Complex
  • Salicylic Acid, Dexpanthenol, L-Menthol

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    SCALFREE™ Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule
    SCALFREE™ Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule
    SCALFREE™ Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule
    SCALFREE™ Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule

    Recommended for

    Sensitive and dry scalp

    Treatment Areas

    Scalp, Hairline, Eyebrow, Beard


    STEP 01 l Turn the bottom of container to 'OPEN'

    STEP 02 l Push the button to pull the ampoule out

    STEP 03 l Gently massage on scalp to absorb

    Cycle of treatment

    Apply day and night

    * 4 weeks serving per box (1 ampoule for 2 weeks)